Sunday, July 27, 2014

How Many Americans Does it Take to Order a Pizza?

This weekend was kind of sad; for many reasons. For one, we all came to the realization that this was our second to last weekend in Israel. Next weekend will be even more of a shock I am sure. But also, a lot of people traveled to different cities this weekend.

Shira and Liora went to Jerusalem (separately) to visit friends and family, and AJ went further north to visit friends. The big adventure was Justin, Jeremy, Sarah, Eli, Sylvie, and Max who all went camping and hiked 20 miles around Tiberias. They have all returned to Tel Aviv by now, and everyone enjoyed their weekend away!

Those of us who stayed in Tel Aviv had a pretty quiet weekend. Friday all of the girls who stayed went to the Shuk and had a nice little lunch at Aroma. That night we ordered a pizza from Domino's....and it was a process. Just reaching Domino's was a process. It took about eight people and four different phone calls before we actually called the right one. Luckily the worker who answered the phone spoke English! We were all very happy with our late night pizza decision, and receiving this text from Domino's (which we put through Google translate since it was in Hebrew) made it even better! There was a lot of laughing that night!

On Saturday Nikki Fisher, Nikki Cohen and I laid out on the balcony on the top floor. It may seem silly to not go to the beach when we are so close, but sometimes it is just nice to not be covered in sand. All of our rooms have seriously been covered in sand since the first week.

That afternoon, Nikki Fisher and I went to the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. It was so big we were only able to see about half of it before they kicked us out so they could close. We definitely plan on going back! The museum houses all different genres and periods of art. It was really fun going with Nikki since she is majoring in studio art. She taught me a lot of things I did not know!

Here are some of my favorites that we saw:
Apple Trees in Bloom: CLAUDE MONET
Water Lily Pond: CLAUDE MONET

Dancers at Monico's: GINO SEVERINI
After we left the museum, we met up with Nikki Cohen and walked around downtown to find a place to eat for dinner. We finally settled on a cute little cafe. After dinner we continued walking around and went in the general direction of the bus route we needed to get home. Unfortunately we walked a little too far and got somewhat turned around, so we had to catch a different bus to take us back to the right place. We ended up getting off of the bus at Rabin Square, where there was clearly some kind of demonstration happening.

We didn't have anywhere to be, so before hopping on the 25 to go home, we went over to the square to investigate. It turned out that there was a rally going on. The majority of the people there seemed to be protesting for peace, and for Israel to stop their operation in Gaza. Obviously the opposing side had people there as well. I think that the rally had been shut down just as we arrived, because most people were leaving. We didn't get to hear anything that happened, but it was very cool to see. It's a controversial issue outside of Israel, but it is here as well. It is interesting to see that Israelis who have had rockets being shot at them for years are still willing to try to do things peacefully. I tend to think that if this were happening in America, Americans would not be so open-minded...What do you think?

Rally in Rabin Square

-Shout out to Nikki Cohen for pointing out how much we all have been using the word "interesting."
-Shout out to the guys downstairs at the pizza and pasta place for giving us free shots tonight!
-Shout out to David for helping me wake my foot/leg up when it was asleep. (Even though you were laughing at me hoping I would fall over.)
-Shout out to Eli's sandal tan.

We have some fun and interesting things going on our last full week so be ready for my next update!



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